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Human Biology
Replicated Reliably

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Biomimetic Organ-On-Chip Platform

Get Better & Faster Validation for Your Pharmaceutical Innovation
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Determine Permeability and more

You can determine small molecule and micro/nano-particle toxicity and permeability across barrier

Highest Throughput

Depending on the assay, it is possbile to have 384 individual microfluidic assays running on a single 96-well plate footprint

Human Mimetic models

Mimic human and animal biological barriers such as Blood-Brain-Barrier, Vasculature and Lung 

No pumps

Our model can provide bi-directional microfluidics without the use of external pumps. This makes our platform extremely efficient and easy to handle.

The Management Team


Prateek Singh

CEO & Founder

Prateek established Finnadvance in 2018, and got EU Horizon 2020 funding as a one-person company. He has 14 years of experience in bioengineering and holds Btech in Biotechnology and MSc in Biochemistry and Protein science.

Jari Moilanen


Jari handles the daily operations at Finnadvance. He is experienced in operations management, B2B sales, procurement and industry consulting. Jari holds MSc in marketing and management from the University of Helsinki, Finland.


Tuan Nguyen


Tuan runs our chip production and development laboratory, and is an experienced industrial bioengineer and microtechnology expert. Tuan holds MSc in biomedical engineering from the International University of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Finnadvance has grown to a size of total 22 employees. We will update the team information shortly.

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How Finnadvance Can Help You?

Scale Down Animal Tests

More Accurate Biomimetic for Target Biology

26% Cost Reduction for Drug Development

Succeed in Clinical Trials with Better Pre-Clinical Data

Multiple Organ-On-Chip Designs

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Here you find the current developments of our company.


Seed Round

Voima Ventures Seed Investment

With the help of Voima Ventures, we're able to scale our operations faster

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Pre-Seed Investment

Our first funding round with was the spark that helped us to get off the ground!

Connecting Dots

Ready to Accelerate your Drug Development?

Get in contact with our professional team to know more about our products and services.

We also offer collaboration opportunities to Academic Research Groups.

We will help you with any questions you might have.

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