Meet our team


Prateek Singh

Founder, CEO

Prateek established Finnadvance in 2018, and got EU Horizon 2020 funding as a one-person company. He has 14 years of experience in bioengineering and holds Btech in Biotechnology and MSc in Biochemistry and Protein science.


Tuan Nguyen

Chief Technology Officer

Tuan runs our chip production and development laboratory, and is an experienced industrial bioengineer and microtechnology expert. Tuan holds MSc in biomedical engineering from the International University of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Jere Kettunen

Biofabrication Engineer

Jere is our talented fabrication engineer. With a background in biochemistry, he efficiently merges the biology with the engineering. He is prototyping and developing our hybrid manufacturing technologies.


Jari Moilanen

Chief Operating Officer

Jari handles the daily operations at Finnadvance. He is experienced in operations management, B2B sales, procurement and industry consulting. Jari holds MSc in marketing and management from the University of Helsinki, Finland.


Tuomas Nurmi

Chief Medical Officer

Tuomas in working on anatomical tissue modelling and clinical aspects of organ-on-chip devices at Finnadvance. Tuomas is currently specializing in clinical dentistry and holds MSc degree in Biochemistry/cell and molecular biology from the University of Oulu, Finland.


Siiri-Liisa Rissanen

Point-of-Care Sequencing Biochemist

Siiri runs our in-house Nanopore sequencing R&D. Talk to Siiri about your next sequencing project!


Minna Kihlström

Chief Scientific Officer

Minna is the quality control and in vitro laboratory manager at Finnadvance. She holds PhD in vascular biology and is passionate in helping academic researchers to make better science.


Anniina Palojärvi

Systems Engineer

Anniina is one of our newest team members specialized in biomedical engineering. She runs key operations at the chip production and development laboratory.